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Udo's Choice - 3.6.9 Ultimate Choice organic oil blend 500ml

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Udo's Choice Organic Ultimate Oil Blend by Udo Erasmus, is a carefully blended mix of the finest Omega 3, 6 and 9 varieties of Essential Fatty Acid sources - carefully chosen, natural, unrefined, EFA-rich oils that has a pleasant, nutty, buttery taste. It contains oils from fresh, certified organic flax, sesame, sunflower and evening primrose seeds as well as oils from rice and oat germ, providing 'minor' ingredients with major health benefits.  

This oil blend has added non-GMO soy lecithin, which improves oil digestion and provides the building materials for healthy cell membranes. Ultimate Oil Blend also contains medium chain triglycerides, which are easy to digest and assimilate and can be used directly by our cells as a source of energy without increasing fat deposits.

Ultimate Oil Blend is pressed and filtered in a state-of-the-art, low heat, light and oxygen-free environment to maximize stability and provide nutritional value and freshness. Nitrogen purged, amber glass bottles are filled with the oil blend and then nitrogen flushed to eliminate oxygen. The bottles are then capped and packed in a box to further protect the ingredients and ensure the highest possible quality. It is kept refrigerated in storage and ice packed when in transit when the weather dictates to keep the heat sensitive EFAs fresh.

Ingredients: organic flax seed oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic sesame seed oil, rice and oat germ oils, organic coconut oil, organic evening primrose oil, lecithin (guaranteed GMO-free), vitamin E, antioxidants (tocotrienols) and rosemary oil