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    Thomas Chipman - organic beetroot chips 75g Thomas Chipman Beetroot Chips are made from certified organic, GMO free, gluten-free and wheat free ingredients: Organic Beetroot, organic vegetable oil and sea salt. 
    $4.09 inc GST
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    Thomas Chipman - organic Sweet Potato Chips 75g

    Delicious organic and gluten-free sweet potato chips that are cooked in vegetable oil.

    $3.73 inc GST
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    Thomas Chipman - organic Ancient Grain chips 75g Thomas Chipman Ancient Grains Corn Chips have been created from a blend of five revered grains and seeds that date back almost 10,000 years.
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    Thomas Chipman - organic Mixed Root chips 75g

    A known lover of a good traditional Sunday roast, it is said Thomas Chipman relished the hearty taste of the mixed root combination served with his meal. For him, it was always about the flavour and the pleasure he derived from eating something he truly enjoyed.

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    Thomas Chipman - organic Parsnip chips 75g

    Now is the time for us all to rise up and unite. Do your bit for the unappreciated parsnip and enjoy a delectable Thomas Chipman Organic Parsnip Chip today.

    $3.18 inc GST