Rice Flour

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Rice flour is ground, finely milled raw rice. It can come in brown or white, and has a similar consistency to white flour and with care, can be an excellent substitute. . It is used in many Japanese and Philipino recipes, and have become more popular in North America due to an increase in gluten allergies and sensitivities as a wheat flour substitute.

How Does it Work?

Rice flour is nutritionally equivalent to wheat flour, and can be an excellent choice for a transitional option to becoming gluten free. To substitute rice flour for wheat flour in a recipe, you will require a few other ingredients to have a texture and consistency you would enjoy with traditional wheat flour.

Where to Buy it

Compared to many other gluten free flour options, rice flour is an excellent choice economically at an average of 4.49 per pound for organic stone ground. Rice flour has been available in bulk and natural food stores for quite some time, but has more recently become common in well stocked grocery stores. běženci informace Transitioning to a healthy gluten free diet can be a frustrating endeavour for many, partly because it requires giving up many favourite recipes and foods. Rice flour can help ease the pain, by enabling a grain free diet to include these foods.

Wheat Flour Rice Flour Tapioca Starch Potato Starch Xanthum Gum
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