What is Miessence?

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With the current popularity of organic food and products that you can use around the home, more people have been wondering if there are any benefits of using organic beauty products. Miessence is one of the companies that helps to spread the knowledge of using organic products on your body and face and how it can be healthier and better for you in a variety of different ways.

The idea of Miessence was derived from Narelle Chenery who had worked for a company that promised that their products were natural and organic, therefore she assumed that they were and began using and selling them constantly. While browsing through the products that she was selling, she came across an ingredient dictionary and determined that the ingredients were in fact not 100% natural. the cloud This frustrated her and caused her to leave the company, on the search for truly organic materials that could be used in beauty products.

After an ample amount of support from family and friends, she began crafting her own line of cosmetics and body products, starting with skin creams. As she delved further into the world of natural and organic products, she began writing articles about the harm associated with the ingredients in products that most large named brands used. find a domain The response from these articles was so overwhelming that she grew her range of products.


One of the main concerns that the industry had was the ingredients that Narelle used would surely spoil if she didn’t preserve them with chemicals, but she began researching and developed an array of products that were the world’s first certified organic skincare and cosmetic range. This lead to the creation of Miessence.

There are a variety of different products that you can purchase from her company, ranging from skincare to superfood and the largest benefit is that it is all organic. Every purchase that is made also helps to support other projects in the making to better the lives of people around the world. As an example, Miessence has given over 150 days of education to children who have special needs or who are less fortunate.

Essentially the entire company is based around making the world a better place, simply by using the ingredients that Mother Nature gives to us to use on a daily basis. Though, the company does not only take from the environment, they also give back by planting trees and nourishing people in need..

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