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Colon Cleanse Powder

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The colon is one of the primary organs responsible for the body’s elimination process. A clean colon is necessary for overall health. However, our elimination process can breakdown from pollution in our water, air and food. This can cause toxins to enter and circulate in the bloodstream instead of being eliminated through the colon. An unhealthy colon has faecal matter build up encrusted on its walls and within its cells. This can block colon openings and slow down the passage of stools. An unhealthy colon can cause abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, gas and diarrhoea.

Best places to buy Colon Cleanse Powder?

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Colon Cleanse Powder 125g by Colon Cleanse
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What is Colon Cleanse Powder?

Colon cleansing powder is a combination of herbs and fibres such as psyllium husk or flax, and sometimes ozone-oxygenated magnesium and/or citric acid, that act as a “toothbrush”, removing faecal build up from your colon.

How does It work?

Colon cleansers soften and remove hardened faecal matter. It flushes the intestinal tract and clears away build up and toxins that could lead to development of symptoms. Completing a colon cleanse is a safe way to improve overall health and alleviate the symptoms of an unhealthy colon.

How do you choose one?

When choosing a colon cleanse the major considerations are:

1.Safety of ingredients. Choose a product with ingredients that are organic and natural. Chemical laxatives and even strong herbal laxatives can have serious side effects.

2. Brand Reputation. It is always best to buy from a company with a high reputation for results and customer satisfaction. Aside from the staff at the nutraceutical counter or drug store, A natural health practitioner, herbologist, naturopath, or nutritionist should be able to help you with determining the best product.

3. Results. A product that has been on the market for awhile with positive feedback is best. Look for testimonials that are not followed by a disclaimer about paid actors. Colon Cleansers certainly aid in remediating the symptoms of an unhealthy colon by flushing out the system in a safe and gentle way. There are many products on the market with harmful chemicals and serious side effects, so be sure to make an informed decision and if necessary, consult an expert before making a purchase..

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