Coconut Oil

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While once thought to be a source of unhealthy fat, new scientific finding in the healthy benefits of coconut oil have caused it to explode onto the market.

What is it?

Coconut oil is the expelled oil from the dried fruit.

How to Use it

There are many touted health benefits to incorporating coconut oil into your diet. One of the most important benefits of eating coconut oil is its effect on heart health. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fats, therefore it has been thought to be detrimental until recent studies showed it’s high levels of lauric acid to actually make it beneficial to heart health.

Other important health benefits of coconut oil are:
– It’s medium chain fatty acids assist in weight loss
– The anti-microbrial lipids, capric and lauric acid all assist in helping the human body deal with viruses and bacteria
– It is effective in preventing protein loss
– It is an excellent digestive aid

Where to buy it

Try to always choose non-GMO coconut oil and fair-trade products to ensure the health justice and safety of workers around the globe. To ensure a product is fair-trade, look for the Fair-trade International label on your coconut oil products.

Although there are coconut oils found in well stocked grocers, it is easier to find and purchase a high quality product in a bulk and natural foods store or a health food store. Incorporating Coconut oil into your diet has many health benefits, including but not limited to the above list. Do yourself a favour and try it out..

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