Chickpea Flour

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Chickpea flour is a flavorful, nutrient dense creamy textured flour made from the milling of the garbanzo bean.

How to Use it?

The major benefits to chickpea flour are it’s high protein content – 1 cup has 21 g of protein, B6, potassium, magnesium and iron.

The conversion from wheat flour to chickpea flour is 1cup to 7/8 cup. Be sure to increase your binding material (egg or flax), as there is no gluten in chickpea flour, therefore your texture and consistency will need to be ‘fixed’. . It is also a delicious gluten free option for people with celiacs disease or have gluten sensitivities.

Where to Buy it

Well stocked grocers should have chickpea flour on hand, also known by other names,(Besan, Gram flour and Cici flour). It can easily be found at natural bulk and health food stores. In comparison to other gluten free flour options, it is an economical choice at an average of 3.50 per pound.

When incorporating chickpea four into your diet and replacing traditional wheat flour with chickpea flour, expect a delicious creamy and wonderful experience. Rich flavours will be enhanced, and the nutritional benefits are numerous..

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