Rapadura Sugar

Rapadura is an organic unrefined sugar known for it’s rich caramel flavour. It comes from the pure extracted juice of the sugar cane from central and latin America. . Rapadura is made in the form of a large brick and is produced on site at sugarcane plantations. It is brown, course and grainy in texture and is the go to alternative to white sugar in many countries such as Venezuela due to it being a cheaper and healthier option. Continue reading Rapadura Sugar

Why you should buy organic food online

Life can be busy at times. Running the kids back and forth between school and activities, going to and from work, attending meetings, etc. all suck up hours of our day. With all this running around when do you find time to go grocery shopping? Thankfully you can get everything you need delivered right to your door. Don’t waste time running between grocery stores, farm co-ops, and farmers markets to find all of your organic needs. With many great sites out there you can find the best deals and cheapest organic food right from the comfort of your home or office.

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