Cacao Nibs

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Chocolate lovers rejoice! Cacao nibs are the beans of the cacao tree that have been fermented dried and roasted. They pack a deep rich chocolatey flavour and provide numerous health benefits.

Native to the Americas, the cacao tree has been harvested since 15000 BC in latin America. Currently it is grown commercially across the world within 20 degrees of the equator, in it’s native lands in South and Central America as well as in West Africa, South East Asia and Oceania.

How do they work?

Cacao nibs are one of the highest food sources of magnesium. They are rich in iron, zinc, antioxidants and fibre, (9 grams per 1 once). They also contain phenylethlamine, an adrenal related chemical that promotes alertness and focus.

Cacao nibs also contain triptophan, an amino acid necessary in the production of seretonin. Seretonin is responsible for an enhanced mood and alleviating anxiety. It also contains chromium which can assist in balancing blood sugar levels.

Cacao nibs bring endless possibilities for a healthy yet chocolatey meal or snack. Add them to smoothies, nut butters, salads, cookies, yogurt, trail mix, cereals, or crush them up and coat your bananas with them.

Where to Buy it

When purchasing cacao nibs look for fair-trade products to ensure the safe and just treatment of the workers and producers across the globe. The cacao industry is one of the most vulnerable
to poor treatment and child slave labour. In order to ensure your product is certified, look for the fair-trade international label. Cacao nibs can be found in natural bulk and health food stores as well as in well stocked grocers. Cacao nibs are approximately $15USD per pound.

Enjoy your chocolatey goodness without the detrimental ingredients that come with processed milk chocolates. Add cacao nibs to your meal plan and reap the dual rewards..

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