Buckwheat Flour

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Contrary to what the name might suggest, buckwheat is a fruit seed not a cereal grain, therefore it is gluten free and can fit into a grain free diet. Buckwheat was first cultivated in southeast Asia in 6000 BCE, and was one of the first crops introduced to North America by the European settlers. It is a short season crop with high yields.

How does Buckwheat Flour work?

Buckwheat assists in blood sugar control, has a high level of manganese, fibre, phosphorus and magnesium. It can be ground into a flour or used as a hot cereal or dinner grain substitute in place of rice or couscous. It is delicious in salads such as tabouleh or hot with nut milk and fruit in the morning. Buckwheat products can also be purchased including noodles, breads or pancakes.

How do you buy Buckwheat Flour?

For best results purchase organic non-GMO buckwheat products. They can be found in your local bulk and natural foods store or in a well stocked grocer. The price of Buckwheat is $15-$30 per kilo. When trying to transition to a grain free diet or attempting to balance your blood sugar buckwheat is an excellent substitute to traditional bleached highly processed four products..

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