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2014 Astrological calendar & moon planting guide (folded)

$10.96 inc GST

Produced in Australia for Australian conditions in 2014. This attractive and detailed chart gives the correct lunar and astrological planting times for fruiting and leafy vegetables. It covers the best times to weed, transplant seedlings, prune, harvest and irrigate. Instructions for those new to gardening by the moon are included on the chart. Full colour 74cm x 59cm.


Thomas Zimmer has created a great poster style calendar specially for use in the Southern Hemisphere. Every year he creates a new and inspiring calendar design full of astrological information such as moon phase, equinox, solstice and eclipse dates and times, including annual planting by the moon guides as well as an astrological commentary on the year to come.


Written in Eastern Standard and Daylight Savings time with information on adjusting to other Australian Time Zones