Learning FromThe Best Australian Gardening Show

Have you been looking for a high-quality show about gardening? Don’t ignore my favorite show, Gardening Australia.

It’s not all that easy to find quality gardening shows to watch, either on the internet or on live tv, but this one is great, and you can watch it outside of Australia.

Searching for Quality Garden Television

I have a bit of a garden obsession; spending time in the garden, buying garden books, visiting nurseries to see the plants, going on garden tours, watching gardening videos in my free time. I love my hands in the dirt. Nature is calming. Wildlife soothes me. Insects, plants, and enjoying fresh garden vegetables. Fruit trees, berry bushes, and flowers everywhere.

But it’s almost impossible to find a good television show about gardening.

That’s why I’m more than happy to give my blessing to this one – it’s well worth the watch.

My favorite gardening show ever is Gardening Australia. Over the past few years, they’ve achieved a new level of television awesome.

Considering the state of gardening television overall, that makes this show an especially good one.

Garden enthusiasts are desperate for high quality, in-depth content to enjoy. We want content that feeds us the way a garden does, content that has highs and lows, natural elements, and showcases the colors, seasons, insects, and plants that our gardens do.

Instead, television producers make up one gardening show after another on redesigning backyards. The result winds up being blatant consumerism that isn’t very much like real gardening at all — it’s missing the heart.

There are a few decent shows that have appeared over time, but we haven’t been able to enjoy anything for as long as we’ve loved Gardening Australia. In addition, they make tons of episodes every year, so we can enjoy a bounty of new content.

I’d always thought it was a crazy idea to think that we’d be able to have something similar in Canada, since we have a large country, a small population, and no funding for this type of show, but Australia has a lot of the same issues, and they still managed to make it work.

Gardening Australia is the Best Available

What’s so amazing about this particular show?

It’s inspiring, encouraging, and very real, all at the same time.

Any good gardening content, for me, leaves me with the desire to get out into the garden and get ready to make something grow. I wind up wanting to dig, to create something new.

Gardening Australia is a great show because:

– They’re dedicated to organic gardening and have been for several years.

– The show is diverse and includes various gardening styles.

– Numerous examples of DIY projects, including recycling and upcycling

– Focusing on growing food in communities and schools

– Guerilla gardening

– Conservation and restoration of natural resources

– Tips for plant care: Learn about sowing seeds, planting plants, and harvesting all of your favorites

Even though I live in Canada, and we have an entirely different climate and plants, I always learn something new when I watch this show that I can take and put into action in my own garden.

The best part is that this you can watch this show through ausiptv.com.au even if you’re not in Australia.

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