Our Favorite Organic Store

If you are looking for a reliable source online to buy great organic products then we can help you out. For 80% of our organic needs we use NaturalHealthProducts.com.au. They have a great selection of products at great prices and even have super-cheap trial bags so you can test out their products before buying in bulk. So if you are looking to buy Protein Powder, Raw Cacao, Superfoods, Pet Foods, Clothing, Cleaning Products, Oils, Nuts or Tea of the Organic variety they are definitely worth a look.

If you want to take a look you can visit them by clicking here.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a fantastic source of nutrients, and can easily be incorporated into anyones
diet to improve healthfulness. One major misconception is that hemp seeds contain THC –
tetrahydrocannabinol – the chemical responsible for marijuanas psychological effects. Continue Reading…

Coconut Oil

While once thought to be a source of unhealthy fat, new scientific finding in the healthy benefits of coconut oil have caused it to explode onto the market. Continue Reading…

Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is a flavorful, nutrient dense creamy textured flour made from the milling of the garbanzo bean.

How to Use it?

The major benefits to chickpea flour are it’s high protein content – 1 cup has 21 g of protein, B6, potassium, magnesium and iron. Continue Reading…

Cacao Nibs

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Cacao nibs are the beans of the cacao tree that have been fermented dried and roasted. They pack a deep rich chocolatey flavour and provide numerous health benefits. Continue Reading…

Buckwheat Flour

Contrary to what the name might suggest, buckwheat is a fruit seed not a cereal grain, therefore it is gluten free and can fit into a grain free diet. Buckwheat was first cultivated in southeast Asia in 6000 BCE, and was one of the first crops introduced to North America by the European settlers. It is a short season crop with high yields. Continue Reading…