3 Reasons Why Paw Paw Rules

One common thing that is known around the world is the fact that tropical plants and fruits generally have the highest levels of nutrition and disease-fighting agents than anywhere else in the world. This is why more and more companies are beginning to source their ingredients from tropical locations as they are naturally occurring and can help our bodies more than we know. One of these incredibly popular ingredients is known as Paw Paw and although it is relatively unknown, it is also used in a variety of beauty products.


Nutritional Benefits

Paw Paw is known as one of the least known superfoods in the world, although it has been in existence for a lengthy period of time and has just recently been discovered. It offers people an array of nutritional benefits, including:

  • High levels of antioxidants (according to a study by Ohio State University)
  • High levels of magnesium (20 times more than apples, bananas, and oranges)
  • High levels of iron (70 times more than apples, bananas, and oranges)
  • High levels of vitamin C (more than oranges)
  • Many amino acids
  • Easy to grow without the use of chemicals (helping to make it more organic)
  • Anti-parasitic properties

Anti-Cancer Fruit

Another huge benefit associated with eating Paw Paw is the fact that it may just be the largest source of cancer fighting agents in the world. There are many traits that are similar to this fruit and Graviola tree leaves which are found in South America. According to a group study at Purdue University, Paw Paw was found to have the strongest and highest amount of cancer-fighting properties of any fruit or plant in North or South America.

With that being said, cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to cure in humans and this fruit has not been shown to cure people of cancer. Though there were over 40 different anti-cancer compounds found in the bark of the Paw Paw tree, meaning that it could help the body to ward off the disease.

Easily Accessible

You may be wondering how you can get these fruits to ingest for yourself and although they are relatively new, they are simple to get. Visit your local health food store to see if they carry any Paw Paw extract that you can either take as a supplement or add to your meals daily to ingest the ample amount of benefits that this fruit has to offer.

Organic Body Wash vs. Regular Body Wash

For years organic living has always been a type of underground culture that not everyone in the world knew about. The people who lived organically experienced a happier and healthier lifestyle, whereas other people struggled to keep their bodies and minds happy. Finding organic products for you to use is of the utmost importance, which is why you should first know the benefits of organic body wash in comparison to regular body wash.

Chemicals and Pesticides

You would be surprised at the sheer amount of harmful elements you can find in your typical body wash. Even if large scale companies claim that their products are organic, you can rest assured that they aren’t. This is because many large corporations believe that in order for products to have natural ingredients, chemicals need to be added in order to make the products last longer without spoiling. Applying these agents to your skin can lead to a variety of diseases ranging from eczema to cancer.

Adding and Removing Moisture

Another thing to take into consideration when you’re discussing the benefits of organic body wash vs. regular body wash is the fact that organic ingredients are used to better the look and feel of our skin. Regular body washes are generally manufactured with synthetic compounds that are advertised to “help nourish your skin” when in reality, they may provide temporary relief but end up damaging your skin in the long run. This is because these synthetic moisturizers don’t do their jobs effectively and instead, strip the skin of its essential oils used to keep it soft. This can lead to a variety of problems, including premature aging.


Avoiding Carcinogens

Although the world around us is filled with harmful elements, including carcinogens, there is no reasons as to why you should be putting more and more onto your skin on a daily basis. The main purpose of organic ingredients is the fact that they are grown and manufactured without the use of chemicals and carcinogens. Whereas when you are using regular body wash, there are so many synthetic ingredients that you really don’t know what you are using. There is a common misconception that these ingredients are useful for cleaning your skin, when in reality, they simply make your skin worse than ever before. This is why more people are turning to natural sources such as coconut oil and jojoba oil.

Why you should buy organic food online

Life can be busy at times. Running the kids back and forth between school and activities, going to and from work, attending meetings, etc. all suck up hours of our day. With all this running around when do you find time to go grocery shopping? Thankfully you can get everything you need delivered right to your door. Don’t waste time running between grocery stores, farm co-ops, and farmers markets to find all of your organic needs. With many great sites out there you can find the best deals and cheapest organic food right from the comfort of your home or office.

Why deal with the hassle of dragging the kids to the store only to spend half the time crammed into the tiny aisles with tons of other shoppers clawing and fighting over locally grown pears while your kids play football with a jar of all natural peanut butter. Why risk the fumble when you can get all the food the family loves with a few simple clicks. As an added bonus you won’t have to deal with overly inflated store prices.


Buying organic can devour your bank account faster than your kids clean out the fridge. With shopping online you can compare and save products from multiple stores at once allowing you to better spend your money. Also you have access to products you might not normally be able to get. Most grocery stores try to get a broad spectrum of products for people to choose from. Online you can get exactly the products you want or even explore products that you haven’t had before. Check out some of these great online stores to get the best organic products around. Stores like:


  • Northstar Bison
  • Gold Mine Natural Foods
  • Green PolkaDot Box
  • Shop Organic / Shop GMO Free
  • Box Organix
  • Burgundy Pasture Beef


These are only a sample of some of the organic grocery stores you can find online. While most of them serve all 50 states some do not cover Hawaii and Alaska so check with the store to see if they service your area. There are also other organic stores that service regional areas allowing you to potentially get the best in locally grown and farmed products just like what you could find in the organic stores in your area. Buying organic food can be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be by ordering it all online.

Organic Whey Protein Powder – What is the difference?

Whey protein isn’t for just bodybuilders anymore. While most people have probably never heard much about whey protein over the years it started to become more prevalent for athletes and for people who exercise a lot. This is for a number of reasons but primarily because whey contains a complete package of all proteins used by the body. While you can typically find these proteins in such things as meats, eggs, dairy and rare vegetable proteins such as quinoa.

While these foods are a great source for the 9 different amino acids that make up a complete protein, whey powder allows you to replenish these immediately after working out and increases muscle rejuvenation as well as growth. The big difference between standard Whey Protein Powder and organic Whey Protein Powder is that the cows that the whey comes from are fed on an organic diet without pesticide use and the cows are not given chemicals like hormones or antibiotics. While the food the cow is served maybe organic it may not be natural to the cows’ diet which can result in diminished nutrients in the milk. This can lead to the whey protein not having the full 9 amino acids.


However, this does not mean that organic Whey Protein Powder will automatically be inferior to standard Whey Protein Powder. Comparatively the organic on average tends to taste better than standard Whey Protein Powder. This is mostly due to the lack of various artificial sugars and additives. Also the organic Whey Protein Powder generally is far easier to digest. Of course unlike the standard Whey Protein Powder you do not have as many flavor options with the organic variety. This can be a minor nuisance at best.

There is also the option of straight protein powder which is especially useful for people with certain food allergies such as gluten, soy, or lactose. Regardless of which Whey Protein Powder you use just remember that whatever you put into your body is what you will get out of it. While standard Whey Protein Powder may get the job done, have more flavors, and generally be cheaper by comparison that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Organic Whey Protein Powder on the other hand has just as many benefits, limited flavors and a higher price tag it also has far less chemicals in it as well as generally a better taste overall.

Choosing the right organic sunscreen

Choosing a sunscreen can be hard. Do you go for the lower SPF to enhance tanning or do you go for the more protective SPF to lower the risk of skin cancer. Finding the right sunscreen can mean the difference between too much sun and not enough.

 SPF sweet spot

Many people struggle with finding the right SPF for them. Most doctors recommend a minimum of SPF30 with greater SPF for younger children. However, depending on your location and tanning preference you might want a lower SPF. Regardless of the SPF the sunscreen to use should be a “broad spectrum” sunscreen. These sunscreens block all three times of sun radiation; UVB, UVA1 and UVA2.


These are the type’s sunlight that cause aging, and lead to skin cancer. While many people feel that regular sunscreen contains harsh chemicals that can absorb into the skin and effect hormone levels this has been proven false as the original study had the mice both use as well as ingest daily amounts of sunscreen. While you may prefer an organic sunscreen to a regular one keep in mind that it should be both broad-spectrum and the desired SPF. Additionally while sunscreen of any kind is recommended for young children, children under the age of 6 are advised to not be exposed to direct sunlight for any extended periods of time sunscreen or not.

Difference in mineral sunscreen and organic

One thing to remember when picking a sunscreen is how the sunscreen treats the UV light released by the sun. Mineral or regular sunscreen reflects the sun away from the body while organic sunscreens absorb the UV light, disperse and transform it into something the body can use. Also be aware that organic sunscreen may contain skin irritants for people with certain allergies.

As is common practice checking the active and inactive ingredients in anything organic or not should be a step before purchase of any product. While all of this makes Organic Sunscreen sound like a terrible option that does not mean it is. There are many great brands of organic sunscreen such as:

  • Adorable Baby Sunscreen
  • Aubrey Organics Natural Sun Green Tea Sunscreen
  • Climb On! Mineral Sunscreen
  • Loving Naturals Clear Body Sunscreen
  • The Honest Company Honest Sunscreen

Regardless of what sunscreen you pick just remember that a broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher sunscreen while protect both you and your family from any of the harsh sun radiation.

The benefits of organic coconut flour

More and more the demand for gluten free foods is making its way across the grocery store. It’s gotten so popular that many products that were already gluten free are marketing themselves as such specifically to jump in on this dietary trend. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from Celiac or have wheat sensitive digestive systems.


Of course, just because a product says its gluten free doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthier for you anymore than diet soda is a healthier version of regular soda. However, unlike diet soda that is full of artificial sugars and potentially cause lifelong health issues, gluten free products can have overall health benefits. Organic Coconut Flour for example has the highest level of fiber of any flour in addition to low concentration of carbohydrates.


This can be extremely beneficial for anyone looking to increase the amount of fiber in their diet, needing a flour alternative, or looking to cut the amount of carbohydrates consumed. While other wheat flour alternatives offer their own heal benefits Organic Coconut Flour also has a fat content over 60%.



This can be a good or bad thing depending on the person. The overall benefit of the higher fat content means that when used the Coconut Flour is far more filling than standard wheat flour. Also like many other wheat flour alternatives Coconut Flour has more protein on top of the high amounts of fiber. The best part of all is that Coconut Flour works exactly the same as regular flour. What other flour out there offers you these benefits in a flour alternative?


Best of both worlds

Like other wheat flour alternatives you might have to combine other ingredients to achieve the same effect as straight wheat flour but with all the extra nutrients you will be receiving it’s a small nuisance by comparison. You can make all of your favorite baked good with only simple modifications. Things like:


  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Breads
  • Biscuits
  • Cronuts


Anything and everything you would normally use wheat flour for you can use Coconut Flour for. There are many different wheat flour alternatives out there. Things like corn flour, almond flour, rice flour, etc. but as mentioned above none of them stack up to Coconut Flour with its high fiber content, low carbohydrates, and filling fat content. So the next time you are looking to either change up your recipe or looking for a wheat flour alternative make it Organic Coconut Flour.

Why colon cleanse powder is a life saver?

In this day and age being healthy is a lot more than just exercise and a proper diet. While those two are the biggest and best ways to a healthier body that doesn’t mean they are the only ways. There are a lot of fad diets and herbal supplements out there that make all kinds of promises about helping you lose weight, have more energy, etc. but few if any typically deliver on their promises. That doesn’t mean all of them are.

While there is no definitive proof that Colon Cleanse Powder has any major health benefits the results don’t lie. As anyone that has been constipated before knows it’s not a fun experience. This can be a result of certain foods we’ve eaten, allergies, medical issues, or other reasons. While constipation can be a minor annoyance, it can also be a sign of a potentially major medical problem. Over time fecal matter can accumulate in our bowels.


Normally this is a standard procedure for most people; however, as time goes on more and more can accumulate leading to potential health issues. Of course colonics and enemas can help with these issues but colonics can be expensive and over the counter enemas can be messy at best. The last thing anyone wants is a mess like that on their hands figuratively and most certainly literally.

With Colon Cleanse Powder you get all the benefits of an enema with a lot less hassle. Just mix the powder with water and take as directed. Not only will this help eliminate potential blockages it but it will also help remove potential toxins. Don’t get stuck in the bathroom because of a blocked up colon. While harsh laxatives can ease the pressure they can take minutes to hours before they kick in.

With the Colon Cleanse Powder you can continue your daily routine without having to risk being too far from a bath. No one wants to be stuck in traffic when that laxative kicks in especially on a hot summer day. Colon Cleanse Powder will help you stay regular normally. Your other option is to change your diet and increase the amount of high fiber foods. Unfortunately many of these foods tend to be bland or downright disgusting tasting. Colon Cleanse Powder gives you all the benefits of a high fiber diet in a simple glass of water.

What is Miessence?

With the current popularity of organic food and products that you can use around the home, more people have been wondering if there are any benefits of using organic beauty products. Miessence is one of the companies that helps to spread the knowledge of using organic products on your body and face and how it can be healthier and better for you in a variety of different ways.

The idea of Miessence was derived from Narelle Chenery who had worked for a company that promised that their products were natural and organic, therefore she assumed that they were and began using and selling them constantly. While browsing through the products that she was selling, she came across an ingredient dictionary and determined that the ingredients were in fact not 100% natural. This frustrated her and caused her to leave the company, on the search for truly organic materials that could be used in beauty products.

After an ample amount of support from family and friends, she began crafting her own line of cosmetics and body products, starting with skin creams. As she delved further into the world of natural and organic products, she began writing articles about the harm associated with the ingredients in products that most large named brands used. The response from these articles was so overwhelming that she grew her range of products.


One of the main concerns that the industry had was the ingredients that Narelle used would surely spoil if she didn’t preserve them with chemicals, but she began researching and developed an array of products that were the world’s first certified organic skincare and cosmetic range. This lead to the creation of Miessence.

There are a variety of different products that you can purchase from her company, ranging from skincare to superfood and the largest benefit is that it is all organic. Every purchase that is made also helps to support other projects in the making to better the lives of people around the world. As an example, Miessence has given over 150 days of education to children who have special needs or who are less fortunate.

Essentially the entire company is based around making the world a better place, simply by using the ingredients that Mother Nature gives to us to use on a daily basis. Though, the company does not only take from the environment, they also give back by planting trees and nourishing people in need.

3 Places to Buy Organics Online in Australia

The world has been buzzing about the benefits of organic products that you can use in every aspect of your daily life, ranging from the food that you eat to the cream that you topically apply to your skin. With that being said, there are millions of people around the world that are interested in transitioning into organic living. If you find that you are unable to get organic products in your area, you may want to consider using the internet to find the things that you need. Below is a list of the top 3 places that you can buy organics online in Australia.



Shop Naturally is one of the Australia’s largest online resources for everything organic. You will be able to buy food, health products, products for your hair, face, and body, organic home goods, kitchenware, and even lunch boxes for everyone in your family. They also offer a sale section for shoppers that are interested in saving money on their purchases. You can search for specific items by brand or you can simply input the thing that you are searching for and the website will bring it up for you. Customers can also take advantage of the reviews from past consumers to see if the product would be right for them.



Bellamy’s is an online retailer for organic baby food and food for your children. This is fantastic for parents that are interested in keeping their kids away from the harmful elements commonly found in baby food and snacks that you give them on a daily basis. The website is quite simple for you to use and they even allow you to browse through their products based on the age of your child. As an example, if your baby is 0-6 months old or if you child is 3+ years old. Although they don’t offer products for every one of every age, it can still be quite beneficial for your children.


Known as one of the most reliable organic websites in all of Australia, Natural Health Organics offers an array of products for different purposes. Customers can buy natural stone jewelry, find treatments to common ailments, and even purchase essential oils. You can browse through their extensive selection of products in order to start your transition into a healthier and happier life. Not to mention that you will be able to find superior organic products.